Anthurium Andreanum "Red Heart"

Anthurium Andreanum "Red Heart"

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Flamingo flowers are beautiful foliage plants with cordate wax like leaves that bring color to any home. Light green colored leaves emerge from the crown and mature to a darker green.The inflorescences have a red spathe and red spadix. This plant is very easy to care for the flowers last for months.

Basic Care


They love bright indirect light, will tolerate low light. Direct sunlight will burn them.


Likes moist soil, not soggy during the growing season and likes less water the winter months, but do not like to dry out completely.


Not particular, prefers higher air humidity when possible


Keep above 65°-85° F


Feed organic houseplant fertilizer monthly during the growing season or synthetic houseplant fertilizer diluted to half strength.



    Phonetic:  an-THOOR-ee-uhm   an-dree-AY-num brings you cool modern rare tropical foliage, both houseplants and garden plants