Anthurium Gracile
Anthurium Gracile
Anthurium Gracile
Anthurium Gracile
Anthurium Gracile

Anthurium Gracile

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You are buying a plant that is similar to the ones in the picture.

New spring-green leaves mature to a deeper green after unfurling from a reddish cataphyll. Their linear leaf shape are wonderful for water trickling down their thin green center vein. As this plant matures it produces small berries that aid in its pollination, as well as a more strengthened stem which changes from its initial green color to more of a red.

Basic Care


They love morning or afternoon filtered light from a window for part or the day. They will tolerate low light conditions.


They like a well drained soil. Water thoroughly when the top soil dries to... Two inches. An occasional shower to soak the soil and clean the leaves is always appreciated.


Not particular, prefers higher air humidity when possible


Keep above 50° F


Feed organic houseplant fertilizer monthly during the growing season or synthetic houseplant fertilizer diluted to half strength.




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